Shopit can offer your business both automatically aggregated and manually verified detailed product data for any type of physical consumer products, allowing you to increase conversion as well as saving time and costs.

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The new Shopping Search Engine

Soon we will be launching our public Shopping Comparison Search Engine which will help consumers find and compare the best products to buy across all possible product categories and from multiple markets.


The most extensive Product Taxonomy in the world

With over 88.000 structured and balanced Product Categories the Shopit product taxonomy is multiple times more detailed than any of the others in the industry. For instance compared to Google Shopping (~6.000), or Amazon (~20.000).


Automated Product Categorization with high accuracy

Using our unique AI and machine learning technologies we automatically categorize products into our product taxonomy. With this high level of detail we can match our categories to any custom output category structure.


Detailed and accurate Product Attribute extraction

With the ability to automatically detect over 5.000 unique types of normalized Product Attributes from any kind of unstructured multilingual texts we can extract and deliver detailed datasheets for any type of products.


Identical products from different sources with Product Merging

When aggregating products from multiple sources we automatically identify if they are the same product and merging them in order to further enhance the product data around each unique product.


Multi-Language interpretation of texts and delivery of product data

All systems use our Natural Language Text Parser and extensive Word Database to both extract and analyse all data, as well as to output the normalized Product Data in multiple languages.


Fully automated Product Feed and Web Crawling systems

We feed products from any Product Feed source, as well as aggregate products from international websites using our fully automated web crawlers without need of manual markup.


User-oriented Product Search Engine with light-ning performance

Our Product Search Engine technology can deliver search-as-you-type / search results and filtered product lists from tens of millions of products in less than 50-100 milliseconds average.


The Shopit world in numbers

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Product Categories


Million Products


Million Product Data Values


Unique Attribute Types


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