Product Data Services

Shopit : Product Data Lookup API

Real-time lookup online of any product to automatically get normalized product data about this product.

This API allows you to lookup and get normalized data about any product that can be found online. Use any of the search methods listed below and our systems will lookup this product from all available sources online and automatically aggregate, extract and normalize the product data for you. The normalized data is available in both english and swedish localized output (more languages will be supported later on).

Lookup products using any of these search parameters below:

  • EAN/GS1 codes
  • Manufacturer + MPN
  • Product URL (coming soon)

Click on the products below to explore some examples of our Product Data. (Use the top buttons to toggle between english and swedish output)

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Shopit : Product Classifier API

Submit any product text (and images for extra accuracy) and our systems will automatically classify what category of product this is. 

Since our taxonomy is extremely detailed we can then match our categorization to to either your own custom product category structure or to external standard classification systems.

  • Shopit Categories (~85.000 categories)
  • Google Shopping (~6.000 categories)
  • Matched to your own categories
  • HS Codes – Customs Tariff Number (coming soon)
  • Amazon (~20.000 categories, coming soon)

Shopit : Product Data Manual Verify / Enrich

If you feel that any of our automated services are not enough you can request that the data should be manually verified and enriched by our product administrators.

coming soon

Shopit : Product Feed Importer

Submit your product feed URL using any standrad feed-format and your products are automatically imported to our systems in order to run API services above on multiple products in bulk. 

Shopit : Product Data Extractor API

If you have plain product texts and want to automatically extract normalized product data our systems can automatically do it for you.

Use this API to send any product texts (and images for extra accuracy) into our system and it will automatically categorize and extract the normalized attributes about this product. In order to effectively handle large volumes of products you can use our Shopit Product Feed service to first import all your products into our systems and then download the extracted data using your internal product identifiers. This service can also make a external call to lookup each product online in order to find more product data.